Main Food Categories

  • Frozen Meat

  • Frozen Seafood

  • Dairy Products

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

  • Dried Fruit and Nuts

  • Canned Food Products

  • Breakfast Essentials

  • Cookies and Cakes

  • Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

  • Snacks

  • Bread, Pasta and Rice Cooking Oil

  • Sauces and Condiments

  • Ethnic Food Products

  • Soft Drinks, Juices and Water

  • Desserts 

   Food Categories 

  • Bath & Hygiene

  • Kitchenware, Utencils & Tableware


Through years of experience we have built up a core selection of high quality food items from selected suppliers and brands we know your crew prefers. We gather feedback from crew members on a regular basis, which is aimed at improving the quality of our service.

We offer you a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions and supply them on schedule to your vessel in Kingston, Montego Bay or any other port in Jamaica. Reliability, freshness and food safety are our key priorities. We distribute all our products, both local and imported goods, from our own warehouse or through carefully selected vendors. 

We also recognize the importance for our clientele knowing they are getting the best goods for the best price. Our commitment to integrity and transparency insures stress free orders and our pricing and payment terms facilitate trouble-free completion of transactions.


Find out more about our Provisions Delivery Service contact our 
Customer Service Representative  at 1876-630-1515  or email: 
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