Typical container loading and dimensions. 

ATC Freight & Shipping has close working arrangements with a wide range of agents and air freight carriers located in major ports worldwide. We provide weekly FCL (Full Container Load) , LCL (Less-than- Container Load), barrels, boxes, and crates from Panama, USA, Curacao, Canada, and China including a range of support services at origin and destination.

Our complete ocean freight service enables you to ship large and small shipments cost-effectively, including  handling all your  customs documentation at origin and destination in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ocean Freight

LCL Shipments

Suitable for small loads of generally up to 7 pallets or where use of a whole container is not cost effective. Shipments are delivered and then consolidated with other shipments at our forwarding warehouse, then loaded into a container.

How are your charges calculated for LCL shipments? 

Consolidated shipping costs are calculated based on a price per cubic meter. All LCL shipments are measured at our forwarder's warehouse to determine the final cubic measurement of the shipment, and are then loaded into the steel container for the freight transport. 

How to calculate final shipping volume 

To calculate the final size of the shipment, each pallet or crate is measured by multiplying the longest, widest and highest point of the pallet or crate. For example, a 48"Long x 42"Wide x 6'High pallet would equal 2.28 cubic meters. Please be aware that the exporter/seller is usuall responsible for packing the goods, therefore the type of packaging required for any product varies with the nature and volume of the product. Generally the following types of packaging are used by us: shrink wrapping, wooden pallets, crates, and bales.

The final size of the shipment will be documented on the ocean bills of lading.  ATC Freight & Shipping recommends that all consolidated shipments be palletized or crated, as we uphold the three basic functions of packaging which are the three Ps of Protection, Preservation, and Presentation.  There are NO COSTS for palletizing shipments, however wooden crates are at cost depending on the size of the crate. 

FCL Shipments

Suited for larger volumes, ex-works, motor vehicles, and large heavy duty equipments. With FCL service it means as a shipper you have booked a full container soley for yourself to carry your cargo. 

We can arrange for ex-works (loaded at supplier premises), or loaded at our forwarder's warehouse. Once a full container has been loaded and locked, a seal is placed on the container to ensure its security. This seal is then checked for integrity upon its destination in Kingston or Montego Bay.  

How Many Pallets Fit In A Container 

A 20 foot container,  depending on how they are arranged, can  load 9 or 10 standard pallets on one tier, and a 40 foot container 20 or 21 pallets.

Other things to consider 

You should always remember that container loading is dependent on more than just area occupied by the pallets. If the product shipped is light, it may be possible to go to 2 tier loading. One the other hand, if the product is heavy, the weight of the load may reduce the number of pallets that can be shipped in a container. Road weight limits must always be taken into consideration. So although you may be able to get your cargo into the container, you may not be able to ship it over the roads at one of the required transit points. If you are shipping large numbers of cartons, it may be more economical for you to bulk load the container instead of using pallets. 

Ocean Container Dimensions

This information is a guide only. Dimensions vary within shipping container series.


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