Services include:



  • Cash to Master

  • Communication and liaison with Harbour Master,Port, Tugs, and Customs prior to vessel arrival to ensure fast transit at the ports.

  • Berthing application completion

  • Assistance with Crew change

  • Travel assistance and Immigration services

  • Crew Welfare Services:  doctor, dentist, mail and
    prepaid telephone calling cards etc.

  • Crew handling: meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore
    passes, travel arrangements etc.

Husbandry Services

Well-coordinated and efficient delivery of husbandry services during your port call will ensure that vessel turn-around, and time spent at port are minimised. Our excellent relations with ports & immigration authorities locally ensure your needs are given preference.  We also offer port services and ship handling services including provision of pilots and tugs, the organisation of port clearances and berths, cargo handling and customs clearance.

So talk to us about your vessel husbandry and port services needs - we’ll provide you with a complete solution. 


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  • Fresh water

  • Waste and sewerage removal

  • Customs clearance and delivery of spare parts

  • Cleaning and washing etc.

  • Sludge and Slop removal with certificates

  • Testing and Certification

  • Inward / outward clearance of ships

  • Liaison with local authorities and communications assistance

  • Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors etc.

  • Refrigeration and HVAC; Installations, repairs, and service

  • Electrical repairs and certification

  • Repair and reconditioning of marine products

  • Carpentry, upholstery and refurbishment of accommodation areas

  • Installation and repairs of marine plumbing toilets and other fixtures.