Customs Forms
C78X - Personal Effects Clearance Form 
C86 - Accompany C78X for clearance 
C87 - Import/Export Entry Form 
C87A - Supplimentary Pages 
C73 - Authorization Form

Documents needed for Customs Clearance 

Customs Brokerage

ATC Freight & Shipping through is Affiliate Regal Customs Brokers (Licensed Customs Brokers) is on hand to assist  customers to overcome the complexity of Customs clearance at Jamaican ports. Our staff are experienced and are licensed professionals. Our expert team and advanced systems ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on-time for your import and export shipments.


► Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
►Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
►Commercial Invoice
►Bill of lading or Airway Bill
►Certificate of Origin and CARICOM Invoices for goods originating in CARICOM Countries
►Import permits or licences required for certain goods
►Letter of Guarantee, Bond Instrument, Manager’s cheque or cash deposit for (temporary Imports).


Prohibited items

Prohibited items refer to articles that are banned from entering the island while restricted items are goods that require permits/licences to enter the island.

►Counterfeit money, whether coin-based or otherwise, from any country. 
►  All publications of de Laurence Scott and Company and Red Star Publishing Company from Chicago, United States, relating to
    divination, magic, cultism, or supernatural arts. 
► Camouflage clothing (which are only used in the Jamaica Defence Force). 
► Indecent and obscene prints, such as child pornography. 
► Black Mosquito Destroyer and any other items that are not approved by Jamaica's health authorities. 



Meanwhile, restricted items that are imported without the requisite permits/licence will be confiscated by the Customs Department and destroyed. The importers will also be faced with penalties based on provisions of the Customs Act. The most popular items on the restricted list include (but are not limited to):

► Meat, animals, red peas, fruits, vegetables, plants/plant products, ground provisions, milk-based products all require a Permit
    or Phyto Sanitary Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture. 
► Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and herbal teas require a Pharmaceutical Services Division Certificate from the Ministry of Health. 
►  All firearms and accessories, explosives, fireworks, firecrackers, toy guns, radar detectors, pepper spray, swords, spear
      guns, and  lasers require permit and licence from the Ministry of National Security and the Trade Board. 
►  All coconut derivatives, oil-producing seeds and edible oils require a permit from the Coconut Industry Board.
 alcohol  in bulk requires a Spirit Pool Permit from the Spirit Pool Association. 
►  When importing human remains, the importer must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Health. 
►  The importation of two-way radios requires approval and licence from the Spectrum Management Authority. 
►  All motor vehicles and motorcycles (not more than 5 years) require an import licence from the Trade Board.
      If motor cycle is over  700 cc - contact Ministry of National Security.

Please bear in mind that ignorance cannot be used as a defence when clearing customs. As such, if you are in doubt, contact the Jamaica Customs Agency or our Customs Broker before you import goods to ensure that you have all the required licences, approvals and permits. This will help you to avoid unnecessary delays and breaches for which you will face penalties. 


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For more information, visit the Jamaica Customs Agency website,
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