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Cargo Ship at the Port

Agency Services

ATC Freight & Shipping  provides prompt, efficient and effective agency services to vessels, principals and service providers calling Kingston and Montego Bay Jamaica. From an experienced centralized operational hub, our dedicated team provides outstanding communication and has knowledge of  the regulatory and other requirements for compliance with Jamaican ports operations


  • Appointment acknowledgement

  • Port call pre-planning

  • Vessel service pre-planning

  • Cargo pre-planning

  • Cargo release against Bill of Lading

  • Arrival arrangements

  • Arrival clearance

  • Clean tank survey coordination 

  • Coordination of booked services 

  • Monitoring of vessel operations

  • Vessel boarding

  • Bill of Lading arrangement

  • Departure arrangements

  • Disbursement accounts

Aerial View of Containers

Port Agency

  • Shipping Agent (Bulk/Feeder/Tanker/Container/RO- 

  • Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling 

  • Owner's Agent or Owner's Protecting Agent 

  • Charterer's Agent 

  • Liner Agent 

  •  Agents for Bunker/Ship Repair 

  • Inward/Outward Entry with port/Customs/Immigration. 

  • Kingston/ Montego Bay Outer Port Limit (OPL) Services 

  • Kingston/ Montego Bay Outer Anchorage Services.

  • Chandlers, Lube Oil, Chemicals and Spare Parts supply 

  • Check Tally, Surveys Services.

    and more...

Ship Agency

  •  Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA) 

  • Owners Nominated Agency (ONA) 

  • Owners Protecting Agency (OPA)

  • Owners Husbandry Agency (OHA) 

We are experienced dealing with:

  • Tankers 

  • Containers / Feeder 

  • Project & Heavy Lift Cargo 

  • Dry-Bulk cargo

Owners Agency

  • Receipt and remittance of owners' funds and payment to head agents

  • Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required

  • Checking cargo documents/SOF/ time sheets for  correctness, notifying owner if

   not, and issuing  letters of protest 

  • Signing Bills of Lading

    and more...


Estimated Proforma Disbursement Account, Quotations, and Full Disclosure Documentation (FDD) provided upon request.  

Cargo Containers

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